Waffa SL41 Shoulder Press

Waffa SL41 Shoulder Press

Waffa outdoor equipment is fitness equipment with a light and fixed weight. The devices are especially designed for seniors and rehabilitation trainees who want an easy-to-use and light training experience. The trajectories and load curves of the devices are optimized for the best training experience.

Waffa SL41 Shoulder press is an easy-to-use and effective upper body exercise machine:

  • The slightly sloping back support ensures an easy operating experience
  • Separate operating arms allow for one-handed movement
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame


Frame structures 25 years
Seat and backrest components 3 years
Other parts 5 years

Product information

Length: 1490mm
Width: 1080mm
Height: 1170mm
Load: 2,5-10 kg
Recommended age: 14+
Standard: EN16630:2015


Steel profile frame
Wall thicknesses 3 - 6 mm
Hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating
Maintenance free stainless steel ball-bearing


Mounting post, operating arms, seats, and backrests RAL 7024 dark gray.
Device body selectable: RAL 1028 yellow, RAL 3001 red RAL 5012 blue, RAL 6019 green,
and RAL 7040 gray.
Other colors on special order at extra cost.