Waffa SL23 Seated Row

Waffa SL23 Seated Row

Waffa outdoor equipment is fitness equipment with light and fixed weight. The devices are specially designed for seniors and rehabilitation trainees who want an easy-to-use and light training experience. The trajectories and load curves of the devices are optimized for the best training experience.

Waffa SL23 seated row is an easy-to-use and effective upper body exercise machine:

  • Shaped handles allow for two different grips
  • Separate operating arms allow for one-handed movement
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame


Frame structures 25 years
Seat and backrest components 3 years
Other parts 5 years

Product information

Length: 1250mm
Width: 1060mm
Height: 1040mm
Load: 5-15 kg
Recommended age: 14+
Standard: EN16630:2015


Steel profile frame
Wall thicknesses 3 - 6 mm
Hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating
Maintenance free stainless steel ball-bearing


Mounting post, operating arms, seats, and backrests RAL 7024 dark gray.
Device body selectable: RAL 1028 yellow, RAL 3001 red RAL 5012 blue, RAL 6019 green,
and RAL 7040 gray.
Other colors on special order at extra cost.